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HardLock Register is a proven encryption tool that protects your software against illegal copying and unauthorized use.


HardLock Register

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Best way technologies builds powerful, flexible and affordable for software security solutions are HardLock Register. We go to great lengths to design intelligent software that is easy to work with and reliable for your business, for sell your software. Be sure HardLock Register will be one of the success factors to sell your software. Our customer can use new technology about hide data on CD media, we do it free.

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HLR services

HLR is a software based solution, which means customers who use your HardLock Register protected application do not require a hardware key (i.e., a dongle).

API Services


Superior software protection for program developers. HardLock Register offers maximum flexibility for implementing customized copy protection and licensing strategies. The developers choice for software protection and licensing.


Automated, web-based software license verification using product serial numbers. HLR-SYS provides automatic authorization of HLR-Management protected product licenses using software serial numbers.


You embed the function calls into the source code of your application. HLR protects your software by implementing several multi-layer, anti-hacker techniques to prevent hackers or unauthorized users from reverse engineering your software.


With this solution, the customer pre-pays the license fee and is then provided with a serial number to automatically obtain a code to unlock the software via the Internet. HLR-SYS works 24/7/365, without human intervention.

Our Mission

To provide the world's most innovative and reliable copy protection and license management solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises.

Our Team

Babak Arjomandi

Babak Arjomandi

Web programming has been done by Babak. The web part includes an online activation section for locked software. The web section also provides the admin panel with the manufacturer to manage their applications. The web application side is generated by the C # programming language and .NET 4 technology and the SQLServer database.

Babak Arjomandi is a senior programmer and consultant at this project. Thank you Babak!

Ali Babakhani

Ali Babakhani

The main part of the Hard Lock Registr software is generated by Ali. Sections such as the creation of a lock layer, a lock layer itself that keeps locked-out programs and a corporate management section for more license applications. Hard Lock program is created by C ++ language and its database is SQLLite. Also, Hard Lock program is based on many security mechanisms.

Ali Babakhani is HardLock Register's President, CEO, and Product Visionary.

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